4.2021 Random notes


04.04- Easter Sunday & Makenna Clair Will is born to Abby& Michael

Mom and Dad, Abby and Michael, deliver a beautiful baby girl into the world.





04.05- Carla and I receive our second Covid shot.
04.09- Our coach has a great new look

Months ago we had the Diamond Shield removed from the front of the coach and this day the area above the windshield was repainted.



04.11-  Had the priviledge to meet Dalton.

Today we said goodbye to the family below. We never got to ask their last names, all we know is the father is Wally, Tracy, whom we never really met in person and Dalton an eleven-year-old who presents himself as a young adult.



04.17-Saying goodbye to Wildwood
Ever since March 2020 we have been alternatine, every two weeks, with TTO, Thousand Trails Orlando. Tomorow morning that comes to an end. We are planningto leave Wildwood tomorrow, Sunday, in the morning and travel 2-miles to Lazy Days. The coach has a couple of miner repairs that are needed. Our planis to stay overnight Sunday and Monday and then, if all the repairs get done, we go on to Vero Beach, FL. This will be a short stay, about seven-days, then on the 30th we move again to John Prince Park just a few miles from where Dennis lives.

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