30th Anniversary of our 1st Date.

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11.03.2019-30th Anniversary of our First Date

It was exactly thirty years ago his day. A relatively shy middle aged guy was about to meet a young lady who struck him very interestingly with just a couple of phone calls. I had met her about a year ago when I fell off the garage roof, Mike was playing with his friends in the back yard and I did not want to disrupt his day. I was hurting and was seriously concerned about driving myself to the hospital, but I did make it. Insurance is great, I was seen very shortly after arriving at the hospital and the doctor, as expected, decided he needed x-rays prior to making any decisions. I was taken to the x-ray room and, as again I expected, it was cold there.  The young x-ray person was very personable but this was not meant to be a social call. She did her job and took her pictures and took the x-ray envelop to the next stop and eventually to the doctor. The x-ray tech was not very talkative but reassured me I was not going to die, but I was still in a lot of pain. Shortly I met with the doctor, we talked, and he told me I would be okay and was going to send me back home with – no pain pills, good try Paul!  Little did I know I’d be taking this x-ray tech out on a date in the near future. 

It’s been thirty years since that first date. Not what I had been fearing, awesome! I’d been almost five years back in the single life, maybe I’ve grown up and matured during those years as well. It’s not to say there haven’t been a couple of bumps along the way, but to this extent, I rarely ever give them a second thought.

I picked up Carla about 7pm and we had dinner at the Ye Olde Tavern on Bank St in New London, CT. That evening we enjoyed a meal for two of Chateau Bryon, it was delicious and the last time we would ever enjoy that “meal for two” ever again. That would be our first joint decision of the hundreds we would make from that day on. Even the Tavern is no longer there. Shame that so many folks in this day and age, will be deprived of such a great kitchen.

I can only wish that every guy, especially one coming out of a marriage that had not been working, the same luck that Carla and I have enjoyed over the years we’ve been together.  

It’s been  A Wonderful Life! 



You’ll never feel you have enough money to retire,
however, once you feel you have enough money,
will you have enough time?

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