3-2020 Random Notes

is to have EVERYTHING,
you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

Just another day watching rigs come and go. I know my attention to writing has taken a back seat to the problem I’ve been fighting since mid-November last year. Feels like arthritis on steroids. I’ve been told it might be RA or, possibly, Lupus. Actually, I don’t think there’s much difference between them. Neither is life threatening. I am, however, sick of taking Tylenol for pain and Ibuprofen for inflammation; just can’t seem to get through the day without taking 3-4 of each every day. A really bad day is when I’m lucky enough to sleep through the night only to realize I’ve missed my 4 AM feeding of drugs. Thankfully I’m not taking any of those meds advertised on television all day long. You know, the ones that warn that their medication could cause tears in the stomach, diarrhea, dizziness, heart palpitations and, of course, Stroke in rare instances. Tylenol, after all that, looks like ice cream.Yesterday I got a primary care physician, guess everyone should have on of those, she’s very nice and I’m glad she’s on my team. She wouldn’t venture to guess either RA or Lupus, but encouraged me to keep my appt. for the middle of the month with a Rheumatoid Specialist. Never had one of those before. As far as writing most days I’m not that uncomfortable with the pain, but it does get in the way of my typing. All for now.

3.11.2020-Living in place
First time visiting Clearbrook RVPark. This park has over 1600-sites. Most, and I mean most, are annuals; those RVers that have decided to remain in place and stop traveling. A good percentage of the sites have campground-homes; tiny home, about 400-square feet or less, but sturdier than an RV. Many others are just living permanently at the campground living in their RVs.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, this is the living style of the future. Living in your RV is much more spacious, since the furnishings are keyed for  the living space available. This viability is due to the inexpensive rents for the site you choose, usually about 400-$500 A MONTH. This rent usually includes water, electric and even cable. Property taxes, home Depot expenses are non-existent and insurance for a motorhome is minimal.

As far as Carla and I go Carla is on her third week with a bronchial cough. I, last night, began to notice a little throat discomfort when swallowing, so it’s on to the salt-water. Hopefully this afternoon we’ll get out and walk around and possibly take some pictures. Ann Cunningham also visited us recently. She too, like Carla, is fighting a bronchial cough. She’s fairly certain Coronavirus is not an item to be concerned about but she doing, just like us, self quarantining. We’re quarantining in an effort to protect ourselves from any Coronavirus contaminants on the outside.

o3.13.2020-Fri-Contemplating travel modifications.
Needles to say we had been planning a very ambitious travel year. However, so much has happen these last couple of months. Corona Virus is not only managing our lives but most everyone’s these days. Right now we may plan to stay put in Florida until at least the end of May. The bumblings of this Administration have left everyone in some kind of Neverland. It looks like the virus will control what we can or cannot do. Traveling through Nova Scotia was our plan for 2020 but with the virus all around us as well as in Canada we have to tread lightly.

We’re not sick yet nor do we plan to come down with the virus but should something happen while we would be traveling Canada Medicare and BC&BS of Florida would be worthless should we become infected and need medical attention. We’re still talking it over but we might decide to stay longer in Florida and possibly travel just the East Coast and visit with family this year. From what I hear on the tube we are not the only ones making alternative plans for the months to come. We’ve committed ourselves, like so many others, to a quarantine life style. Even Mass is going to take a back seat in our lives. Mass attendance in this part of Florida might be as high as 1200-1500 attendees, all of them well over 65-years in age; so we plan to play it safe for the next 4-6 weeks. More later.

03.16.2020-Back at Wildwood, FL
We’re back at Three Flags RVPark. If you look very closely at the picture below you can see our coach on the extreme left side and Ann Cunningham’s camp-home on the extreme right; that’s how close we are to her this time around.

It’s our second day here and my third day enduring this summer head cold. No! it’s not the C-virus. We check temps every day to be sure. Although with all the Tylenol and Ibuprofen I take each day I could be running a 103 temp and possibly not know it. Carla spent a few minutes today cancelling our reservations at the Canadian campgrounds we were planning on visiting, thanks to the C-virus.

Our schedule for today is very much like most everyone’s; Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, read and television. With a little luck we’ll get through the day. Hunker down and stay safe is all we hear on MSNBC, so we try to adhere to those words of wisdom. For now that’s about it!

03.20.2020-Friday-Social distancing
Carla and I are practicing Social Distancing below. I was with her as well as we enjoyed a beautiful morning.

If I had one of those $400 Drones to fly over this campground you would be looking at a very empty-looking campground. Plenty of RVs just not many campers to be seen outdoors. Very seldom do I see even two people at one time. I can’t recall the last time I saw several individuals on a single site, no longer! My neighbor is also keeping himself busy. This has to be the best swept carpet in the resort. We’re not really hung up on sweeping carpets every day but we did enjoy a nice game of Scrabble that made the afternoon go by very nicely.

03.28.2020-Sat. Sunny & Hot today

Hard to believe it’s been a week or so since I wrote last. We traveled yesterday from Wildwood to here in Clermont. This will be our by-monthly exercise for the next few months. Our site, unusual is nothing to brag about, but then again, it’s very temporary. We’re in the “A” section which is generally very sunny but it has 50 amp service throughout. During most of the year we are just as happy with 30-amp service but when your exposed to full-sunlight all day long, the AC is just plain better. 

Since it’s going to be so hot this afternoon we felt a walk was in order while the temperature was still tolerable.  Just as we began our constitution we met our neighbors from Penn. They are full-timers and travel in a Safari Coach. First time we’d ever met up with owners of this beautiful motorhome. Thought for sure it had a repaint, but not so. The exterior finish looks virtually new. What enhances its looks is the simplicity of the paint graphics. I really get tired of every coach looking like it is battle ling a hurricane. So smart looking. They have about an eighteen-inch tall design while the bottom of the coach and top of the coach are a solid color. Just so I don’t forget their names are Bonnie and Bob, that’s Bob doing something to the coach, we haven’t met him yet. Did have a chance to speak to Bonnie and she showed us the “original” painting of two lions on the back of their motorhome, original only to them. Hope we have a chance to spend a little more time visiting with them keeping in mind social distancing of course. We’re here until April 10th, then back to Wildwood, Three Flags.

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