29th Wedding Anniversary

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HAPPINESS is to have EVERYTHING, you need.
-NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

7.14.2019- Anniversary Dinner 29


Yes, I remembered! Unlike those that are encased in a stick and stone building, we cannot indulge in frivolous, but relevant, gifts. We settle for a better than average dinner and the, all important, anniversary cards. We decided to try the Riverhouse Diner in Pacific City. You must remember Pacific City is a village, actually a fishing village. We both indulged in a Calamari meal in a excellent sauce. Carla had a pannacotta desert and I played it safe with a Cheesecake dish. The restaurant was small, but once again Pacific City is small.

I counted tables and chairs and could only come up with seating for twenty-four, but that’s alright, I like small. In this picture is about half the dining room.



From the exterior it isn’t that impressive but the food was very good. The calamari was a little on the salty side but good nonetheless.




This is the river it borders. Throughout the meal we saw this young family kayaking up and down in front of the restaurant, very relaxing.  

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