St. Joseph’s CC


St Joseph’s Church in Cloverdale, OR-

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Fr. Jim Derringer- is the Pastor. So reassuring to hear a homily that the priest doesn’t read verbatim. The first words out of his mouth was “I don’t really agree with the translation of this Gospel by Luke; from that moment on he had my attention. Just to deviate for a minute to mention that just before the Mass began, we decided to read the bulletin; had to do something since we were thirty-minutes early but we did have our pick of pews. The bulletin gave a great dissertation on the “Brown Scapular.”

Remember, this is the scapular you received when you were six years old making your First Communion, but no one told you anything about it. Besides that, it was itchy, and your parents were going to give you a shinny new metal scapular; “do you still have it? Read the blog on the Brown Scapular if you really have time to kill, hopefully in the next 10 days.

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