“Journey” has a few squeaks and rattles


We’ve just completed another 300-miles on our Littleton trip. The miles and hours traveling over I-95 through South Carolina brought some things to light. First the coach is not perfect, not even the brand new ones selling for tens-of-thoushands of dollars more than we paid are either. They all come with their share of flaws. A very annoying rattle, like wood beating on metal was emminating from the front dash area. After many minutes of pondering I blamed it on the shade screen and night shade that hang at the top of the front windshield. We use the shade screen to block out the heavy sun and the night shade for privacy in the evening. In each shade at the bottom of each is a wooden rod for additional weight for the shade. The poor conditions of the SC I-95 caused that rod to vibrate within the metal runners on either side of the shade. Next, behind Carla’s chair above her head is a wooden cabinet containing the satelite, Wi-Fi, Dish Satelite receivers and DVD equipment. These metal components sitting on metal shelves I think were causing some of the other annoying sounds as we rumbled through South Carolina. I’ll have an update after our next bumpy road condition.

Tripping to Littleton, NH2

06.24.21-Thurs.-Breaking from Florida/ off to NH
We got a good early start leaving Wildwood  just after 8:30am. We’ve been existing in Florida for going on eighteen-months. Our first day took us as far as Brunswick, GA. This was a 200+ mile drive. We are still being challenged with the refueling process. Hopefully by the time we get to Littleton we’ll have this mastered. We’re overnighting at a Cracker Barrel for the evening. There parking lot was virtually empty but the configuration of the parking lot mandated that we had to unhitch in order to make the stay possible. We topped the evening off with dinner at Cracker Barrel. We each had the Thursday Turkey Special and it was very good.

06.25.21-Friday-Chilly start to the morning- goal Lumberton, NC
I awoke very early this morning. I thought it was 6:30 when it was actually 5:30. We slept with all the windows open and you knew it, it was very chilly. Had breakfast at Cracker Barrel in preparation of a great day to travel. by 3:30 we would have covered 325 miles about 50 more than I feel comfortable driving, at least for now. Had dinner, this evening, at home.

06.26.21-Sat. goal is 200 miles-Close to Richmond, VA
By the end of travel today we will have covered 750 of our 1450 mile sojourn to Littleton, NH. The “new” coach and I are getting to know each other quite a bit on this long trip. We’ve been challenged with very heavy traffic in Fayetteville, NC. Yesterday our most trying time was traveling 200 miles through SC. I have never seen a state, supposedly progressive, having a 4-lane divided highway for I-95 in such tragic condition. On top of that 80% of it looked and felt as though it was last repaved in 1950. The last twenty miles of this I-95 in SC was beautifully paved I guess to have one forget  the previous hours of travelling in preparation of a beautiful 4-6 lane divided highway once we crossed into North Carolina. Since the beginning we’ve followed I-95 going North, but in preparation for Washington, NY and NJ we jotted off to I-64 heading west for awhile. We plan to bypass the big cities and tie into I-95 possibly in Connecticut. As we cover the miles were making mental notes of squeaks, rattles and other unusual noises. This afternoon I think I’ve remedied the bulk of them. It’s a used coach 5-years old. It’s bound to have a few flaws. Had lunch at a Wendy’s across from the Walmart were staying at tonight. Tonight, for the first time in almost 30 years we’re having take-out pizza from Domino’s. We’re on generator right now and could do our own pizza but Carla opted for something different.

More tomorrow on “Tripping to Littleton, NH 3


Meeting Mckenna

6.18.21- We finally get to meet Mckenna

You’ve met Mckenna priviously but now she’s almost 100 days old. Because of the noise, loud music and gusty breezes outside we decided for a change our venue and moved indoors. As before, I’ve mentioned, Carla and I are not related to the happy parents. Abby came into our lives at age 8 and now, fourteen-years later she’s still finding ways to brighten our lives. Having a “Surrogate Granddaughter” is definitely not an official title but I would like to think of myself as being her “Surrogate Grandfather.” For now I’m just so happy to have such a pretty gift be part of our lives as well.


Mom and Dad, seen above are just so lucky. For sure, by many standards,  we might look at them and see all the material things that are not part of their lives, but as I’ve mentioned many times about happyness; 

Happyness is to have everything (you need), not the need to have everything.

Abby and Michael have a long way to go in their life long trip but I do believe they firmly understand the saying above.

I should have used a flash, Little Mckenna is hard to see, but I wanted to minimize the flashes for Mckenna’s sake. Even my small strobe light might not be good for Mckenna. I cannot think of a nicer gift for Fathers’ Day for Michael.

What a great day. We all enjoyed Mckenna, her folks, a good meal and great conversation. Surrogate Grandparents could not ask for more.

Carla and I are looking forward for the privilege of being part of this young family’s future, even if only a small part. In their arms they have all they need, what they might need God will provide, but if he’s busy, we’ll try to do our part.

Visiting Titusville, FL

6.18.21- Visiting Titusville, FL
We’re waiting for Abby and Michael to come and visit for the afternoon and introduce us to Mckenna, their first born. but first just a short intro to the new and revitilizd Titusville, or at least its waterfront.

We’re meeting Abby and Michael at the Pier 220 Restaurant. The location was excellent ambience overflowing and the night was warm and breezy, thanks to the ocean currents.

We were here a few years ago, way before Mckenna came on the scene; but it didn’t looks this good nor so exciting. Titusville is now the new home for so many new computer geeks and NASA employees; so happyto see it so lively. The rest of the town is just as vibrant. I told Carla it’s as though the town puchased thousands  of gallons of paint for the townspeople to accentuate their businesses and properties. Could easily call this location home again if it were not for the fact that it’s located in Florida.

About Mckenna, Mom and Dad. They did show up but more on their visit in the “Meeting Mckenna” blog

Deisel Delemma

06.18.2021 Our first deisel delemma

It was a beautiful day for a drive. This would be our first serious drive in our “New” Journey. We decided to try refueling at a Loves. We got off the highway just fine and found the Loves facility equally as easy. To make things even easier we followed a 16-wheeler into the back section of the station. Almost all the bays were occupied but the number one bay was empty. I pulled in very carefully. All is going just great. We got out to begin the refuelling and inserted our credit card in the proper slot; nothing happenned. Pulled it out and again reinserted the card with the same result. Carla volunterred to walk to the station, about 200-feet away to find out why. Sure enough Carla got them to set the pump for $200.00 of deisel. The problem was our card. Using deisel fuel qualifies us as a commercial client which requires and Loves Commercial Card. So you would think that’s the end of this story, but no! Picked up the hose nozzle only to discovered it only extended about six feet about six-feet short of what I needed to fill our tank. A coach with a tow car cannot go in reverse. My only option was to get back into the coach embarrissingly, and do another large loop announcing to all the veteran truck drivers that a “newbee” is behind the wheel. I swallowed my pride, did not make face contact with any other drivers and sheepishly slid into the same number-one pump again. We finally refuelled and got back on the road again in record time. Hopefully the next time will go easier.

Resting today

6.12.21-Sat. we’re resting

To say the least the last two-months has felt like a never ending merry-go-round. Between Dennis’ estate, the condo, trading inthe Cruiser and buying the Journey, lawyers, Realtors, faxing and emailing, it just never stops. We were very fortunate that Dennis had left his estate and finances in such good order. It was still very challenging. We have absolutely nothing in Carla’s things to do list for today. Temperature outside is 94 but feels like 105. Temperature in the coach is a very comfortable 84 degrees. AC in a motorhome is not as efficient as in a real house. That might have to do with our 2-inches of insulation. The journey comes with 3 a/c units on the roof whereas the Cruiser was a tad bit smaller but came with one residential a/c in the lower storage area. The Journey is doing well, we’re not complaining. If the picture appears a little dark for such a bright and sunny day it’s because in a motorhome all shades must be drawn to assist the a/c and keep us
from being cooked.

In the  Journey Carla has her own washer and dryer. it is definitely for small loads only. The units are in the closet on the left of the picture, it’s a stackable unit. Gone are the days of paying 6 dollars for wash and drying. the bedroom is also finally all in one piece.





 We each have a hang-up closet and we also have two generous and very deep draws for all the non-hang-ups. We also have another TV as well. A third TV is located on the outside wall of the coach which, I’m certain, we’ll never use.



The bed is King size this time. Plenty of room for Scoots to stretch out each night at the foot of this bed.





Carla’s kitchen has everything the average family needs as far as a kitchen goes. In place of the old propane stove in the last coach, the Journey comes with an “induction” type of cooking element. Counter top is “Corian.” The Microwave above seems wider than what were used to but that might just be a illusion.

Last, but not least, is my office. I know, it’s a stretch, I never said a motorhome had everything one could want only everything one really needs. This is my first time adding to the blog from the Journey. The location is very good but I do need a bigger board atop the cabinet doors as a platform for my keyboard. I’ll have it altogether by the time I write next.

Stay tuned.

Surviving obstacles


I have no idea where the last two months have gone. For so long we were all fighting to survive the Covid pandemic. Then, Just as shots were available and we got ours, my brother past away. Our coach has been ailing for the last year. It’s only $500 here and $1000 there but always something. At the time we came down here to visit with Dennis, bdfore he had his second stroke, our primary slide died, folowed by its control panel. The slide died because it was hydraulic and instead of just having one noticeabled leak the entire system was deteriorating. The lines are fifteen years old and are just pourous in many locations. Just prior to that the toppers (those are awnings that cover the slide when they are out) had both been in despicable condition so we them replaced, just another $1000. They were bad enough that it was letting water in unless we kept the slide closed. Keeping it closed was easy since it dead in its tracks.

I’ve often mentioned that the Suncruiser was all I would require, but I never invisioned so many major defects all at one time. All this plus coping with Dennis’ demise was pushing us both up against the wall. As a result we began Googling used RVs for sale. What we found was very nice, and thanks to Dennis, affordable. I talk more about it in my blog on our “Journey RV”. Without Dennis’ help we, most likely, would have still traded but for a much more modest motorhome.

Our goal was to hopefully be able to leave Florida by mid-June. Between lawyers and  Realtors that’s beginning to look like a fantasy. Hopefully the condo should close  by end of month, the attorneys don’t think so. For the third time, we must begin thinking about possible changing our reservations for the 2021 tripping season. Resolving Dennis’ Estate is still our primary objective; our attorneys say this might take months-but we’re trying to stay upbeat.

Just today we can say; all our stuff has found a place in the Journey. It may not be exactly the right palce and we are still hunting down stuff we know we have…somewhere!

Happy Birthday me

06.06.21-Happy Birthday, ME
Birthdays for us, generally, are basically just another day. Cards of course, and a small cake as expected, but that’s about it. On occassion we even have gifts, but we don’t need a gift or two to express our feelings on these occassions. This year, for me, was totally unexpected. Other than the fact that we’re living a dream in this “new” Journey Coach, but this year I even had guests over on this, otherwise uneventful occassion.  This year, I felt, was really an enjoyable birthday. Carla and I rarely entertain but this day our Realtor, Alex, and his family wife, Ceci and mother came over to visit and talk a little more about the Closing on Dennis’ condo. His daughter, Victoria, was unable to make it. What made it so enjoyable was that Alex has a low grade fever for RVing. Needless to say Victoria is all for it as well but she insists the coach must have bunks. Alex’s mom, believe it or not, is also all for it. It’s always an enjoyable topic of discussion. Victoria hasn’t seen the Journey yet. We spent a couple of hours reminissing about Dennis, they lived next door to him, and, of course, the RV lifestyle. We finished off the afternoon having slices of my previously frozen birthday cake, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting directly from Publix.


2016 Journey Motorhome

Our new used coach is a 2016 Journey 42E.

In so many ways it does look like “top of the line”, but no; it is to us however. It’s only three-feet longer than the Suncruiser but three wonderful feet. No pictures yet on everything, still finding a home for everything but more pics will follow.

The living area in the Journeyis towards the front of the coach behind the captain chairs. Couch, yes couch, on left and TV on right wit fireplace below.

The kitchen area, although it may look small is really quite generous. Dinette with picture window is located across from kitchen area.

Master bedroom is behind the kitchen area. What we did not have before is a half bath at the very rear of the coach; therfore the three extra feet. Carla now has her own washer/dryer. These are not typical residential units but rv or small appartment units. It mean always a small load so she will wash once a week more or less. There are quick pictures but better pictures will replace them eventually.


All for now,

6.21 Random Notes

I have no idea where the last two months have gone. For so long we were all fighting to survive the Covid pandemic. Then, Just as shots were available and we got ours, my brother past away.

06.06.21-Happy Birthday, ME
Birthdays for us, generally, are basically just another day. Cards of course, and a small cake as expected, but that’s about it. On occassion we even have gifts, but we don’t need a gift or two to express our feelings on these occassions. More on this in the 6/6/21 blog

6.12.21-Sat. we’re resting
To say the least the last two-months has felt like a never ending merry-go-round. Between Dennis’ estate, the condo, trading inthe Cruiser and buying the Journey, lawyers, Realtors, faxing and emailing, it just never stops. More on this in the 6/12 blog Resting