4.2021 Random notes


04.04- Easter Sunday & Makenna Clair Will is born to Abby& Michael

Mom and Dad, Abby and Michael, deliver a beautiful baby girl into the world.





04.05- Carla and I receive our second Covid shot.
04.09- Our coach has a great new look

Months ago we had the Diamond Shield removed from the front of the coach and this day the area above the windshield was repainted.



04.11-  Had the priviledge to meet Dalton.

Today we said goodbye to the family below. We never got to ask their last names, all we know is the father is Wally, Tracy, whom we never really met in person and Dalton an eleven-year-old who presents himself as a young adult.



04.17-Saying goodbye to Wildwood
Ever since March 2020 we have been alternatine, every two weeks, with TTO, Thousand Trails Orlando. Tomorow morning that comes to an end. We are planningto leave Wildwood tomorrow, Sunday, in the morning and travel 2-miles to Lazy Days. The coach has a couple of miner repairs that are needed. Our planis to stay overnight Sunday and Monday and then, if all the repairs get done, we go on to Vero Beach, FL. This will be a short stay, about seven-days, then on the 30th we move again to John Prince Park just a few miles from where Dennis lives.

Visit Connie and Sharon

04.22.2021- We visit with Connie and Sharon


Connie is family on Carlas’ side. They started part-time RVing a view years ago and are now on their third (I think) RV. Like many RVers they RV about 4-6 months each year. Each year they seem to get a little more aggressive in their vacation plans.



They travel in a coach and tow a smart car so when we get together I am compelled to try to uncover the back seat in the HHR. It never dissapoints, eventually I did redistribute all our junk and found the back seat…Awesome!



Today the girls wanted to expose us to The Taylor Cafe in West Jupiter, FL. The staff was excellent and the food was even better. It was an excellent place to talk and catch up on years past. The cafe grows a good amount of their herbs and vegetables. Below (right) is a picture of their RV. (Forgot the name-Entegra I think). It’s a C-Class style of RV.



Above are a couple of pictures of the inside of their RV. It was so surprisingly roomy, I was very impressed. This would make an ideal RV for a single camper, so spacious. They introduced us to their Food Ninja Air Fryer. After you finish using it, it folds up and you have your counter space back. Below (left) is Willow. The three of them travel very comfortably for quite a few months each year. Below is a closs-up picture of Connie and Sharon. They both enjoy “Diamond Painting” in their spare time.


Coach looks like new!

o4.06.21-Coach is now looking like new.






 For the last five-years the coach has had a type of psoriasis just above the front windows. By no means is this unusual. The coach is now ninety-five-thousand miles old; that’s a lot of wind going over the top of this vehicle. On its own the problem will not fix itself, it would require a repaint over this area. That’s where SAM the painter comes in. He’s an independent professional. He starts early and will try to finish the job the same day, within reason.







Like all things, big and small, prep-work is essential.  Of the nine hours it took to complete the job seven were all about prep work. It’s getting pretty hot outside but still Sam carries on. Bbove and right is the first coat and an teasing of what the final product will look like.







I thought I’d be happy just getting this mess below cleaned up but now we have a virtually new RV.


Awesome! Doesn’t this look like a brand new coach? Well, almost brand new.




Finally making plans


Partial 2021 travel schedule:

04.09.2021-Finally we’re beginning to make some plans
04.18-Lazy Days for two-days for minor repairs
04.20-Vero Beach staying at  TT
05.01.2021- John Prince park-Here to visit Dennis for a few days
05.03-Dennis’ Birthday
05.15.2021-West Springfield, Haymarket Farm 
05.22.2021-Laurel Lock RVP in Oakdale, CT visiting New London, CT.
05.28-Mohegan Sun Casino lot for 2 days.
05.31-Bernardston, Mass staying at Traveler’s Woods
06.14-Prowdy Beach RVP in Newport, VT-(14n)06.28
06.28-Crazy Horse RV in  Littleton, NH (14n)
The next 5 weeks are still undecided and open
08.16-Moody Beach, Maine (14n)
08.30-Thousand Trails in Rochester, MA. (21n)

Baby Makenna is Home

To open, please click on the link below;

Baby Mckenna Clair is home-4PDF

04.04,2021 An Easter Sunday Child.
Mom is Abby. I’ve spoken of her many times since the blog began in 2013. Very hard to believe when Abby came into our lives she was only sever-years-old herself. Michael is Makennas’ dad.







As you can see from the picture above right, neither one of them look to be much older that sixteen. Please click on the link above to learn a little more about this lovely child.