Voting time again!

you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

9.25-Voting time again.

As has been stated many times this year we must vote as though our life depends on it; So Right! So alone I stand amongst even my own family. It could be so easy to also sip the Trump-ale as they have, but in life it’s important to take a stand even if you stand alone. 

Trump’s been heard saying it is important to have a good an honest vote counting but;

-This administration Okayed the decommissioning of letter sorters that can sort  up to 35,000 pieces of mail per hour. A Judge told the Post Master General to put these 700 sorting machines back into service,  but he said they have been dismantled and cannot be put back into service again.  The argument was that the post office often remove these machines and relocate them, but not this time, they were just destroyed. Says a lot for Trump’s  phony concerns for a good and accurate vote count. A act like this will absolutely helps the voting process. I wonder how much 700 high speed mail sorters cost and who will pay for having them fixed and/or having them  destroyed?

-Trump now feels it’s imperative to replace the opening on the Supreme Court.  Of course the selection is dependent on this new selection be partial towards selecting him as a new President, if the vote moves to the court, once again,  shows his concern for an honest vote. 

-Also he plans to not leave the Oval Office. He doesn’t realize that once Biden gets sworn in, should he get the votes, Trump is no longer the “President’. Actually he becomes a civilian who is trespassing on White House property, something a civilian cannot do.

-Trump insists that the Democrats are planning to hold a dishonest voting this year, but all you have to do is listen to his rants. If you think he’s on track with his thinking than just sit back and enjoy another glass of Trump-ale.

-09.30-Of course, this night is the Presidential Debate. President Trump wrongly boasts that the polls had him as the winner; yea sure! Not even Fox would go that far. How hard is it for him to rebuff “Proud Boys and white supremacists” in general. The day after voters would contribute a little over fifty-million dollars to Donald candidacy whereas Biden took in over one-hundred-fifty Million dollars. 


Once again I say, I may be standing alone among  those I care for, but there are many of us that must be the ADULTS in the house. I do not understand how these folks can hold these positions but I do feel their position is regrettable.


9-2020 Random notes

you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

9.25.2020-We met Mario
I’ve written so little these last eight-months I’ve almost forgotten how to type. It’s not that nothing happens during these “Groundhog day”  episodes. Like most everyone else there are days we shop, or wash and even visit a doctor or two…Wow! This week we did have a very nice experience. A young guy living in a beautiful Forester C-Class RV came into our life. It was just a short visit or two, typical thanks to the Covid-19 protocols. His name was Mario and works for major employer in Florida. I actually had him pegged in his early thirties but to our surprise we was a little older. He’s an AI tech geek who works out of his RV and travels perpetually…Great life! He left us today leaving for Peace River RVP for a few days the off to Pompano where he’ll visit with his daughter in Fort Lauderdale. Carla and I enjoy it so much to learn how others are full-timing especially if they can earn a living at the same time. Currently we’re staying at Three-Flags RVP in Wildwood. It will be awhile before we pick up and really get back to travelling again. We leave here in 12-days and will go back to Clermont and just keep bouncing back and forth for the near future.
Enjoy and be safe...

9.26.20-Waxing, waxing and more waxing

The job is almost completed. Usually twice a year the coach needs a waxing. It never looks that bad until I begin applying a new coat of wax, then, well; What a difference! This year I just don’t have the stamina of previous years so I’ve broken the job up in parts. In the last 4 days I’ve done both sides of the coach and most of the front. The back generally takes much longer since the exhaust fumes do collect upon the surface of the coach. It should be completed by the end of next week with some cooler days on schedule for next week. We’ve begun looking at destinations for next year trying to think positive. I’ve mentioned our friend Ann in the past. She is selling her “camp-home’ here in Three Flags RVP and has purchased a residence in Collierville, TN about five-hundred miles west of Maggie Valley, NC. We’re not exactly setting it up as a destination spot but will plan to travel in that direction. We’re familiar with Collierville, having stayed in that area and gone to church in Collierville in the past. It will be nice revisiting the town once again. Our goal next year is to really begin seriously looking for a home site and North Carolina still looks very good to us. From the preliminary reports I’ve seen on Climate change NC will get hit but not that badly. Rising seas will not be much of a concern since MV is at 3200 feet ASL.