8-2020 Random notes


you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.


It is so hard to believe that we’re now into August. Carla’s birthday is on Wednesday and unfortunately on that same day, I am going for a procedure that, hopefully, will, given some time, begin to rid my body of all this “arthritic pain”. I’m so tired of swallowing a prescription med that’s not helping that much not to mention a ton of Tylenol 500 mgs. Will let you know how that works out. In the interim we continue to shelter in place enjoying the coach in our never ending repetitive way of life. Right now, in preparation  for our move back to TT Orlando we are very watchful of the oncoming hurricane.  We move again on Tuesday one day later than originally planned thanks to our Anniversary gift is expected on Tuesday. 


Only seems appropriate to have at least one more note before the month ends. It’s getting so bad that I’m forgetting how to type. Personally, for those who might be interested, I’m at 100%. The arthritic aches and pains I’d been dealing with are hardly noticeable. The Celebrex is working full strength but the discomfort in my shoulders and knees would not go away. My doctor, last Tuesday decided it was time for a Cortisone shot, so I got a shot of DepoProvera. As it turned out this was the missing piece. Nobody should have to endure arthritic pain, I was one of the lucky ones.

We leave here to go back to TTO (Orlando) in ten-days on the 9th. We continue to live like so many others, basically in sequestration. Except for Walgreens, Sam’s or Walmart we rarely leave the reservation. 

We did find comfort in the Democratic National Convention. So nice to know that our President-Elect “Joe” has the ability to speak at a level higher than a five-year-old. We did not follow the RNC, just to much projected doom and gloom and blaming the Democrats for everything negative that might happen when all these things are happening on Trumps watch, so we checked out only pieces of this presentation. He’s so good at creating a bad situation and then taking any accolades and all the credit when a bad situation gets resolved. Then came his acceptance speech, all 70 minutes worth. There was a section towards then end for about 90 seconds he spoke nothing but gibberish. 

The highlight of the month was hearing Mary Trumps book on Donny; Audible is so awesome! I can hardly wait to hear the book by Cohen. Just the information in Mary’s book alone should be enough to not elect Donald as dog-catcher, let alone President. Did you notice that he never once mentioned the ongoing and growing virus pandemic in the country or impart any words of empathy to the almost 200,00-Americans that have passed on his watch do to his not taking the appropriate action when he should have. Heck, even Brazil is having better results than us. But he’s all we’ve got, at least for the next eight weeks. Now even the mid-west is suffering high numbers of Covid-19, even though I was told that would not happen there because so many in this part of the country own 4000-acres of land, guess that did not workout so well. I should not say anything because Florida can’t brag about anything. We keep doing the same wrong things and keep expecting a positive outcome; that’s the definition of Idiocy. I have both family and some friends that drink the Trump-Aid juice every day, can only hope that this period of our history will someday come to a close.