2020 trip destinations

is to have EVERYTHING,
you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.



It’s taken three executive sessions, many cups of coffee and patience, but we’ve begun planing out 2020. We have most of the sights locked down.

01.01-Wildwood, FL at 3-Flags TT RVP
01.13-Pompano, FL at Gulf View  TT RVP
01.15-Clermont, FL Orlando TT RVP
Future destinations
01.29-Pompano, FL at Tropical Palms TT RVP
02.01-Wildwood, FL at Wildwood TT RVP
02.15-Sumtner, FL at Bushnell SKPs RVP
03.01-Clermont, FL at Bee's RPI RVP
03.09-Yemassee, SC at Yemassee TT RVP
03.20-Gloucester, VA at Chesapeake TT RVP
04.10-Colonial Beach at Harbor View TT RVP
05.01-Port Republic, VA at Chestnut Lake TT RVP
05.22-Salem. CT at Salem Farms PP RVP
05.29-Bernardston, MA at Travelers' Woods TT RVP
06.05-Wells, ME at Moody Beach TT RVP
06.19-Bangor,ME at Cold River RVP PP-$150.00 ...get oil change possibly
06.22-Westfield,CA at Grand Bay
06.25-Debert, NS at Debert PP RVP

TT being Thousand Trails, never the nicest but cheapest.
PP Privately owned RVPs
SKP (Escapee RVP) something new for us this year
RPI are Resort Parks International.
Below,for those who appreciate visual aids is our proposed trip for 2020 
starting in Florida and, temporarily ending in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The final 
leg has not been determined yet, we're trying to rest up right now.







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