Son of God. Movie view on Netflix


We, possibly like many of you, experience the Lenten Season with some daily sacrifices and, of course, all the obligations of the Holy Days. By the time Carla and I get to Holy Week, at least I, find myself wishing I’d done just a little more. But, now it’s Holy Week. Usually in the evening, after viewing the local and national news stations, we’ll search for a movie, if nothing else is worth watching. On Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday we try to find something appropriate related to the weekend.

This year we found a good movie on Friday but the Saturday movie will be an annual event for us in the future. We found it on Netflix, but I will intensely look to try to acquire the DVD.

Son of God. It’s a two-hour production and worth every minute of watching.

Hope you have a chance to view it some day.

March 2017-Three Flags RV Park

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Well, here we are and here we stay; at least until June 2018. The coach has not seriously moved since Labor Day, about eight months ago. Actually, just to show how sure we are about not moving, our engine battery died about 2 months ago and we just got around to replacing it this week. Carla is at 100%. She is controlling her Lymphedema very well; cataracts done and she just picked up her new glasses today. I, on the other hand, am in the third phase in my cancer treatment. The last phase was chemo and radiation. This phase is three weeks of chemo, with a one-week break followed by another 3 weeks of chemo. This is the same chemo I had in the beginning and I expect to do well for the next couple of months. So in nine weeks that will be done. Last test is a PET Scan to look for any abnormalities. We are so anxious to be on the move again. Since this is the end of the month and I really don’t have much else to talk about, I’d like to reintroduce you to the RV Park we’re staying at. This is actually a copy from a post I blogged a couple of years ago.

Welcome to Three Flags RV Resort in Wildwood, FL.

This is another property belonging to the Equity Lifestyle Properties group otherwise known as Thousands Trails. I believe they have eighty-five properties in the group and as of now we’ve stayed at fourteen of them. As you can see from the picture our site, like most of them here is a “pull-through.”¬†Once again, as you see, the sites offer little privacy. However, if this were a privately owned campground, instead of paying zero dollars to stay here, it would be more like eight-hundred or more to stay.

The perimeter road and the connecting cross-roads are paved and every site is very easy to access. The RV Park consist of two connecting properties. We’re in the front section while others we know are situated in this back section. Below is the community clubhouse. It has pool tables and also serves as a Bingo Hall.


Just outside the clubhouse you’ll find horse-shoes and mini golf. The mini golf area is awesomely clean and free from debris and leaves, unlike most campgrounds we’ve stayed at.


Above is a community fire pit, no fires permitted at the sites here. Below, what looks like a small tennis court, is actually pickle ball.


The resort is not very heavily wooded, but trees may be found here and there, should your site preference mandate a little shade. Below is the main entrance to the park from RT-44, excellent access.


Notice the large drive area coming in and below is the office, with equally generous space for anyone with a camper to park comfortable and safely while you check in. Mail is delivered here and there is WI-FI provided for a very handsome price, we usually opt to use our hot-spot for this.