February 2018

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not the NEED to have EVERYTHING.

We are now in our 17th month of basically sitting in one spot. Not really complaining. It’s ten am as I look out my window and realize that I’m not the only one sitting in place. It’s what almost all RVers must do this time of the year, it’s just that we’ve been doing it for so long.
This week was a good week. met with my Oncologist, radiologist and a member of my surgical team in Tampa. All agree that all is doing well. I began stage two this week, radiation. I’ll be doing this in conjunction with a pump injecting 5FU into my system. This will end in 25 days. Then it’s six weeks of Chemo to bring this ordeal to an end. We are very optimistic of coming back to life again the first week in May.
Carla is doing well also. She’s having cataract surgery over the next two weeks. Other than that she’s not complaining either.
My neighbors are coming back TO LIFE AS WELL. Many sitting outside their campers reading or engaged in a hobby or two. The campground is virtually 100% full, with only a hand full of spots available. RVers walking their dogs. Never realized how much walking a dog needed. Lots to be said for a cat.
Carla decided to get dressed, guess I’ll take the hint.