10-2020 Random Notes

you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

10.01  Waxing and a fix
As I’ve mentioned in a past random note, the coach needed a wax job. As I mentioned then, I just don’t have the stamina I used to have so this job took about 3 days. At this time all has been waxed except the back of the coach. At TTO we don’t have the privilege of washing; so the back portion of the coach will have to wait until we move back to Three Flags.

About 5-days ago our AC had a stroke. At first we thought it was the unit itself, especially having notice a strong odor of burning wire. The more we looked the more we narrowed it down to the thermostat unit. I possibly could have replaced the unit if it were still being manufactured. The unit we have is now being made under a new serial number. The service person, Patrick, was able to find it online. As I have always said, this is a very inexpensive lifestyle, however, maintenance expenses are always popping up from time to time. We  did get to experience a few really hot days.

Of course, last night was the Presidential Debate. President Trump wrongly boasts that the polls had him as the winner; yea sure!. Not even Fox would go that far. How hard is it for him to rebuff “Proud Boys and white supremacists in general. Unfortunately he feels these individuals are a good percentage of his voter group. Time for a change! 

10.21-Two weeks to Vote Day
It’s hard to believe but the end of the year is just around the corner. Last week I finished waxing the coach and it looks great. It’s not the amount of traveling we’re doing that’s going to cause it to wear off, that’s for certain. We’re back in Three Flags. The campground is not terribly crowded but all the available 50-amp sites we’re taken so we have a nice spot on Kentucky with30-amp but we should be Okay this time of the year. We’re enjoying mid-eighties with just a bit of humidity so we’re good. We’ve made friends with Craig, in the RV next door, and he and his wife graciously share a few of their select meals with us. The campground, in general, is following the CDC guidelines; mostly on social distancing. Not much else to talk about and will most-likely talk again in November. REMEMBER PLEASE VOTE!!!



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