1-2021 Random notes



you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

RV, and be free. Only HOUSELESS never HOMELESS.

Current Schedule:

1.1.2021-Thousand Trails Orlando (TTO)
1.15-Wildwood, FL – Three Flags
1.29-Thousand Trails Orlando (TTO)
Not very Exciting; blame it one Covid-19.

1.27.2021-Must learn to type once again.

November 18th, believe it or not was my last entry; so let me try to get us all caught up.


Our Thanksgiving, like so many other families, was small and intimate. We did have turkey, but ours was a very thick slice  and not the full bird. But then I can’t remember the last time we had  a family gathering to warrant a full bird, and then there’s the oven, or lack of such an appliance. We are both very thankful for family and health. We both know of individuals that have had to suffer through the Covid-19 virus and a couple that have not made it to enjoy this year’s Thanksgiving.


As the title says, this was pre-Christmas. There was never a day I enjoyed as much as Christmas with Abby. It was a day that we lavished as many gifts as possible on this girl; but she was a child then. Today she’s a grown girl and as you might have noticed, yes, she’s pregnant. We have already begun buying for the infant to come. As you can guess, our buying days are about to begin once again. She’s having a girl, no name yet. More to write about in the years to come.


This Christmas, as with past Christmas’, was low key. Buying “stuff” like more sweat shirts or sweaters than one could use in two lifetimes is a thing of the past. Buying to put lots of Stuff under tree is a luxury RVers cannot accept. It’s not that we don’t add to the Gross Domestic Product of the country, but we all buy very selectively instead. We are on the right tract. When was the last time you walked into your closet or looked into the burrow draws only to find clothing you’ve never worn.

Since then so much has happen. Trump is out, thank God, and Biden has been sworn is as President of the USA.

The Trump followers have tried to overthrow the government saying that Biden had stolen the election, which only they believe. This is Trumps idea of STEALING the election he rightfully LOST. He continues to stomp up and down like the sore loser  he really is. He’s looking for a home and Palm Beach does not want him he can’t stay long-term at Mar-a-Largo, others are insisting that the Trump name be removed from buildings and resorts. He has no twitter or Facebook privileges’. His family is not being accepted in Jupiter either.; It goes on and on,,,GOOD RIDDENS! There’s talk he wants to start another political party, probably to be called the “Terrorist Party”. Can’t he just go away!!!


Very proud to see Vice President Pence was, unlike his boss, the former president stayed home like a child, participating in the Inauguration of Biden. President Biden had a gifted poet, Garth Brooks and Lady Gaga amounts many others at the celebration. Unlike Trump he did not have a tractor parade and other farm equipment.

He is our new President, what a beautiful day. There’s finally an adult in the White House.




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