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HAPPINESS is to have EVERYTHING, you need.
NOT the need to have EVERYTHING.

Just as the October blog resembled a Journal more than a blog, so to will this November Blog be likewise. Since it is not in the Journal section it will have pictures if applicable.

11.01.2019-All Souls Day.
I had great expectation for last night, Halloween,” but was let down. Not one trick or treater’s came to the door. Now were stock with all these Hershey w almonds candies. They have to be eaten someone has to step up and finish them off. So this describes how uneventful last night was. We awoke this morning to temps we were hoping for. Low seventies and no humidity…Awesome! Today will be a go to church day and we’ll be taking Mary Ann with us as well. Once again it’s an awesome day here in the Sunshine State.

Just another day. We’ve enjoyed visiting with Ann who is Wintering at this campground in her Park Model home. It’s a beautiful home and she loves it. We’ve experience a couple of hot humid days but, in general, the humidity has abided as well as the temps. Tomorrow, Monday, Veterans Day, we have a 7:30 apt at Lazydayz to have a few small repairs done to the coach. We also hope to check in with Eskapees and hopefully become a member of that organization as well. They have a program that give you residency rights in Florida, as well as, several other states. We will need this should the Tropic home close this month. Other than that nothing much is scheduled for the week. Carla has done some of her Dr. Appts. and mine are coming up soon.  

Yes, you’ve seen this church before. As much as I really don’t care for Florida, walking into this church after a one-year abstinence felt like coming home again. The church, Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Wildwood, FL is simply awesome. Every weekend it brings in over five-thousand parishioners and take in more money than the average middle class family with two working takes in annually. They deserve it though. They cater to every need of the parish, from food to the type of music it likes to hear during services. Every weekend it takes over twenty-five lay people, 2-3 priests, Deacons, many alter adult alter servers and a host of young alter servers. Most hymns are from the hymn books but they are partial to the more popular chants. The parish appreciates it, as they all participate in the service. Virtually each Mass has standing room only. Beginning next weekend they will be offering an additional two Masses in addition to the five they currently offer. It’s an awesome parish. If I was a Pastor of a struggling Church I would attend the Masses and take notes. The folks here have a winning formula, and they know it.

11.14.2019-We relax and continue watching the Impeachment telecast
We don’t really have many things to do on our to-do list but a vacuum for Carla and possibly a new Sunday missal. We found Carla’s vac at the Wildwood Vac and Sew store. For myself we tripped to St. Timothy CC in Lady Lakes, FL to check out their Gift Shop. I was looking for another annual St. Joseph weekly missal but settled for a forever St. Joe Missal. Not exactly what I was looking for. 

Then we did a little shopping at Walmart. We did Sam’s as well, going in for lunch, but ended up dropping over $100. We waste nothing, if we buy it, it will get used or eaten. It just continues to concern me how easy it is to spend one- hundred dollars.

Not exactly like watching grass grow but we did spend quite a bit of time watching the Impeachment inquiries on television. It’s so hard to believe that we impeached Nixon for a botched break-in and Clinton for having an affair and now we have Trump with more affairs than you can count, more obstruction of Congress than you can list not to mention he an habitual liar. I’m OK, just had to get that off my chest! Other than that I did get the coach washed on Friday in preparation for our leaving on Tuesday morning. Today I finished the job by doing the Windows. Carla busied herself with vacuuming, her new hobby, and washing the inside of the windows.

Today being Saturday night it’s Mass, pizza and movie. Our church in Wildwood is St. Vincent de Paul, a church and Parrish that knows how to relate to its parishioners. This church is packed, standing room only, at every Mass. Over five-thousand attend every weekend. The 4pm Sat. vigil Mass is the heaviest attended. Average weekly donations come in at over fifty-thousand dollars, not bad. Their adding on a multi-million addition to the church and ne other building to handle the growth in this parish. Tonight Carla chose “There’s Something About Mary”, a movie everyone saw about twenty years ago, us also. It was very enjoyable watching it again. Nothing planned for Sunday. Will, most likely empty the holding tanks and pack up the coach making it ready to travel on Tuesday morning. This is a tough time of the year, no field trips or anything else to talk about.


You’ll never feel you have enough money to retire,
however, once you feel you have enough money,
will you have enough time?

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