Battleship Alabama, Mobile Bay

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The Alabama from its humble beginnings on February 1, 1940 as the keel was laid at the Norfolk Navy Yard in Portsmouth, Virginia, Battleship USS ALABAMA (BB-60) has had a remarkable career.  

She began her World War II adventures in the North Atlantic in 1943, then later that year, went to the South Pacific seas.  She ended up in Mobile, Alabama as a National Historic Landmark and memorial to millions.
Captains quarters below:

Home to a crew of 2,500 courageous Americans, this 45,000 ton gentle giant’s WWII adventure culminated with BB-60 leading the American Fleet into Tokyo Bay on September 5, 1945.  Nine Battle Stars for meritorious service were awarded the “Mighty A” during her brief three year tenure as the “Heroine of the Pacific”.
At the bottom center of the picture below shows a large metal container with a hatch door going into it… Why? It wasn’t until the end of the visit that we met with Mr. Kramer, ret. Navy, who explained that the crew virtually lives on potatoes. Potatoes come on board and are brought into this metal room and then are dropped several levels as you see in the picture below this picture.

Most American warships end their useful life after wartime, but ALABAMA was destined to live another day. In May 1962, the Federal Government announced that BB-60 and others would be scrapped, but a forward-looking group of Mobilians and other Alabamians saw a bright future in the aging warship. 

Below is a schematic of the Alabama. The luxury of a computer image is that you can enlarge the image to better view the details of this ship. 

Pictures above and below show Carla so all can see the magnitude of everything on this ship. The cannons below can deliver a missile over twenty miles away with amazing accuracy.

Some views below of the engine room of the Alabama.

They envisioned the ALABAMA as the anchor attraction of a Veterans Memorial Park to be located in Mobile.  That impossible dream came true on January 9, 1965 when USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park opened to the public.

Navigation room

More than fifteen million visitors later and a statewide economic impact approaching one billion dollars, the Park is easily the most recognizable symbol of the State of Alabama.

 Dedicated to all Alabama Citizens who have worn the uniform of all branches of the United States Armed Forces, the Park’s numerous artifacts, exhibits, and displays all point to the fact that the Park is America’s most unique military attraction.  Come see for yourself.
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The crane at the bow of the ship was used sea on load and off load a sea plane the Alabama carried if needed. Below is the Taylor Shop for the ship.

“Everything we were, we carry with us.
Everything we will be is calling to us, 
from the roads not travelled yet." pjgrenier